Drop Ship App for ERPNext

Sponsored by Supplify.com

Drop Ship:

  1. Supplier delivers to Customer
  2. Material never reaches any company warehouse
  3. Only GL is affected no effect on Stock
  4. Tax implications will be added later

Accounting Entries

  • Receivable account Dr .... Total selling price
    • To Income account .... Total selling price - (Purchase price + Purchase tax)
    • To Payable account .... Purchase price total + Purchase tax total


From your site

To install this app, login to your site and click on "Installer". Search for Supplify Erpnext and click on "Install"

Using Bench

Go to your bench folder and setup the new app

$ bench get-app supplify_erpnext https://github.com/revant/supplify_erpnext
$ bench new-site testsite
$ bench --site testsite install-app supplify_erpnext

Login to your site to configure the app.

Detailed Installation Steps


Revant Nandgaonkar (support@castlecraft.in)