Frappe App for use in Civil Contracting Business

Helps manage wages, workers and measurements

Contracting businesses bring together men and material on site to create value. Material Entries are handled by ERPNext.

  1. Purchase Receipts are made when material is purchased and Warehouse selected to store the material.
  2. Warehouse (contract sites) are Logical Warehouse created as per material stored on site.
  3. Linked Stock and Accounting entries are managed.
  4. Workstations are types of Workers, eg. Male Coolie Helper, Mason Civil, Carpenter, Plumber.
  5. HR Modules helps in Expense claim, Payroll, etc.
  6. Cost Centers and Projects help in identifying expenses and costs

ERPNext manages Employee master document which requires in-depth information about individual to be maintained. Sometimes Employee master becomes to much information to be gathered when the individual in question is only going to work for half a day.

Employee Attendance and Payroll is managed on monthly basis. Where as Workers come and go on daily basis, some remain up to the period of site allowing us to pay them later as our outstanding wages. Taking Worker attendance and making wage payment becomes a as-required affair not a monthly affair. Wages must be recorded as direct costs.

Civil Contracting manages these challenges by Creating Worker Database, Worker Attendence and Expense Tracking Document and a Document to manage Outstanding Wage payments. These documents are integrated into ERPNext accounts. On submitting these documents appropriate Journal Entries can be made from the information in the Documents. This app also adds Measurement Book and Measurement Sheets to record site measurements.


From your site

To install this app, login to your site and click on "Installer". Search for Civil Contracting and click on "Install"

Using Bench

Go to your bench folder and setup the new app

$ bench get-app civil_contracting
$ bench new-site testsite
$ bench --site testsite install-app civil_contracting

Login to your site to configure the app.

Detailed Installation Steps


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