Running Account Bill

Table Name: tabRunning Account Bill

Running Account Bill is comprehensive bill for the Customer account on a Project


Sr Fieldname Type Label Options
1 customer Link Customer Customer
2 ra_bill_no Read Only RA Bill No.
3 get_invoices Button Get Invoices
4 cb_1 Column Break
5 ra_bill_date Data Date
6 project Link Project Project
7 prev_ra_bill Link Previous RA Bill Running Account Bill
8 sb_si_1 Section Break Sales Invoices
9 sales_invoice_list Table Sales Invoices Running Account Bill Invoices
10 sb_si_2 Section Break
11 sum_net_total Currency Sum of Net Total
12 sum_grand_total Currency Sum of Grand Total
13 get_items Button Get Items
14 cb_2 Column Break
15 sum_taxes Currency Sum of Taxes
16 payments_till_date Currency Payments Till Date
17 sb_abstract Section Break Abstract
18 items_list Table List of Items Running Account Bill Items
19 amended_from Link Amended From Running Account Bill



Class RunningAccountBill

Inherits from frappe.model.document.Document

calculate_totals (self)

No docs

get_ra_items (self)


on_update (self)

No docs

set_ra_bill_no (self)

Set RA Bill No depending on Selected Previous RA Bill or set it to 1

validate (self)

No docs

validate_prev_si (self)

Sales Invoices in all previous series RA Bill Do not repeat

validate_previous_ra_bill (self)

Validate customer of current RA Bill and Previous RA Bill to be equal

validate_project (self)

Validate Project's Customer and RA Bill's Customer to be same

validate_ra_no (self)

Validates Same RA Bill cannot be selected as Previous RA Bill

Public API

civil_contracting.civil_contracting.doctype.running_account_bill.running_account_bill.get_sales_invoices (customer, project=None, prev_ra_bill=None, ra_bill_no=None)

No docs

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