Table Name: tabWorker Sheet

Record Worker Attendance, Wage Rate and Outstanding Wage


Sr Fieldname Type Label Options
1 sb_ws Section Break Worker Sheet
2 date Date Date
3 mode_of_payment Link Mode of Payment Mode of Payment
4 cb_ws_details Column Break
5 project Link Project Project
6 cost_center Read Only Cost Center
7 working_hours Float Working Hours
8 sb_wa Section Break Worker Attendance
9 worker_attendance Table Worker Attendance Sheet Worker Sheet Attendance
10 sb_was Section Break
11 other_worker_expense Currency Other Worker Expense
12 outstanding_wages Currency Outstanding Wages
13 fiscal_year Link Fiscal Year Fiscal Year
14 cb_wa Column Break
15 daily_wages Currency Daily Wages
16 total_wages Currency Total Wages
17 company Link Company Company
18 sb_other_details Section Break Other Details
19 remark Small Text Remark
20 amended_from Link Amended From Worker Sheet



Class WorkerSheet

Inherits from frappe.model.document.Document

on_cancel (self)

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on_submit (self)

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