Worker Sheet

Worker Sheet is an attendance and expense record for Workers.

Civil Contracting > Documents > Worker Sheet > New

Fill in the details of Wage Slip.

Worker Sheet 1 Worker Sheet 2

  • Date: Choose Date of Worker Sheet
  • Mode of Payment: Select Mode of Payment
  • Project: Select Project for which Worker Sheet is Recorded
  • Cost Center: Select Cost Center (from selected Project)
  • Working Hours: Enter working hours (Pulled from Default Working Hours from Worker Sheet settings
  • Worker Attendance Sheet: Enter individual Workers present on Project for the date
    • Worker Name: Select from Workers if not Daily Paid Worker
    • Workstation: Pulled from Worker or Select Workstation
    • Rate: Hourly rate of Worker
    • Hours: Enter hours worker was present, copied from above Working Hours by default
    • Is Daily Paid: Checked by default, if unchecked enter Worker Name above
  • Other Worker Expense: Enter other worker related expenses
  • Outstanding Wages: Calculated from Non daily paid workers
  • Daily Wages: Calculated from Daily paid workers
  • Fiscal Year: Select Fiscal Year
  • Total Wages: Total of Daily Wages and Outstanding Wages
  • Company: Select Company
  • Remark: Enter any other remark

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